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Accommodation And Physical Facilities

Accommodation And Physical Facilities

The schools has laboratories and special rooms each of which is well furnished and equipped for the following subjects; Chemistry, Biology, Music, Home Economics/Home Management, Agricultural Science, Technical drawing, Physical and Health Education, Visual Art, Integrated Science, Introductory Technology and Language. Each of the special rooms is effectively manned by a teacher and an assistant.

The secondary school has integrated hostel system with modern facilities. The girls dormitory could accommodate 250 double bunks has hostel mistress and there is the adjacent building for the hostel matron. The girls dormitory is clearly separated from the boys dormitory occupying 150 double bunks, with hostel masters living in the adjoining room. This dormitory is air-conditioned. The hostel has laundry facilities, common rooms for the boys and girls respectively. Social and recreational activities are interesting and exciting.

The classrooms, dormitories, the assembly hall, laboratories, special room, offices etc. are fitted with ceiling/wall fans, some air-conditioned. Each arm of the school has library stocked with bookselves with library books and readable tables and chairs. There are two air-conditioned computer rooms equipped with sizeable functional computer units, each is internet compliance.

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