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Brief History of Emmy Norberton Int'l Schools

Emmy Norberton International Schools is a co-eductional institution consisting of Nursery, Primary and Secondary arms. The Nursery and Primary Schools started in 1997 and the Secondary School in 1999. The school compound is located at a quiet, serene and safe learning environment- 64 Egbelu Road, off East/West Road, Rumuodara, Port Harcourt which is about 250 metres from the East-West Road. The aims and objectives of the school are geared towards providing sound and qualitative education of international standard.

We aim to offer a welcoming, safe, enabling and supportive environment to encourage learning and self discovery. We aim to provide a stimulating and challenging environment for children to become self-motivated, reliant and confident. We strive for the best outcomes for all children in an inclusive environment.

Admission is open to boys and girls of all nations, tribes and religious beliefs. The school motto is Service and Dedication while the school slogan is The school for the noble. Emmy Norberton International School is approved by the various school authorities and ministries at zonal, state, federal Government and international levels

The secondary school is a centre for WAEC, NECO and international exams such as: Cambridge checkpoint, IGCSE, SAT, TOEFL, Diploma dEtude en Langue Francaise (DLEF) etc. The school collaborates with educational bodies nationally and internationally to successfully secure international admissions for students into foreign universities.

The mission of ENIS is to educate, empower and enable every child to flourish and achieve full potentials in a caring, nurturing and safe environment that supports academic excellence and godliness.

The vision of ENIS is to be one of the nations most effective schools that passionately lays solid foundation that enables determined progressive pursuit for academic excellence by learners.

-Provides conducive learning environment that supports educational success, social, emotional and physical development of all learners

-Our school is poised to put into practice curriculum that is academic, engaging and standard-based,

produce a high performing employee team that is qualified, caring and very attentive to the educational, cultural and physical needs of the learners and the school community.

-Persuades parents and guardians to positive support the school community.

-Prepares learners who will be responsible and productive citizens that promote conventional ethical behaviour globally.

Enhancement of Stage Environment through

-Fostering positive character such: as accountability, transparency, integrity, diligence, innovation, creativity, etc.

-Recognising and respecting the unique values of every individual without prejudice to gender, race, religion, tribe, colour, age, physical characteristics, rights, needs, etc

-Conducting ourselves in professional and ethical mannerism.

Encourages Sound Communication through

-Giving relevant information about activities, progress and challenges relating to learners as and when necessary within our respective official capacity.

-Offering suggestions or counsel where necessary to assist learners grow academically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

-Ensuring that information about learners or parents/guardians given in confidence is not devulged unless authorised to do so for public interest or legal purpose.

-Communicating and enforcing school rules.

Empowering Sound Education through

-Maintaining deep commitment to rendering reasonable services to learners.

-Teaching or instructinging learners and to be held accountable for their educational performance.

-Honouring classroom instructional time and effective management of the classroom as a teacher.

-Being dedicated to vary methods of assessment, homework and standard lessons in line with approved curriculum

Students Values And Ethos

-Obeying school rules and regulations and to be accountable for their actions.

-Becoming respecting and supporting ambassadors of the school at all times.

-Involving in promoting clean and safe school environment

Academic Ecellence

-Being punctual to school daily with the preparedness and readiness to learn.

-Being total committed to academic work in order to achieve academic success.

-Carrying out all required academic and non-academic obligations.

Positive Attitude

-Promoting healthy relationship that will prevent conflicts

-Avoiding harassment, bullying, immorality or any act that will be physically and mentally detrimental

-Dressing appropriately and protect the dignity of the school uniform

-Not being indulged in any form of examination malpractice

-Respecting all members of the school community despite age

Parent Values

-To be good parents/guardians that will be involved in contributing to the development of the school community to meet up with desired goals and objectives.

-Permitting adequate information by promptly accessing every available communication medium

-Being a role model and an advocate of qualitative education, sound, moral, stable emotion and adequate physical development

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