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Enis Boarding Programme

Enis Boarding Programme

The secondary arm of Emmy Norberton International Schools offers unparallel opportunities for students to experience boarding school programmes as well. The school runs an integrated hostel system which replicates a typical home designed for comfort and learning, with personal interest on each student. The boys and girls are housed in separate buildings as hostels. While the boys hostel is known as the City of Goshen the girls hostel is popularly known as the Rose of Sharon

Each student has the opportunity to utilize outstanding academic programme, state-of-the-art facilities and robust curricula. The hostels are designed into room apartments with air conditioning and various explicit modern facilities to meet international standards. Each room is spacious, well structured to allow proper ventilation and accommodates few students.

In addition, the hostels (both boys and girls) have their various common rooms with plasma TV lounges for students relaxation.

The hostels are supervised by God-fearing and experienced personnel we referred to as the hostel parents. They work in the hostel department and are constantly been trained and retrained for effectiveness and excellent discharge of their duties.

Above all, our hostel programmes are anchored on God with compulsory non-denominational Sunday service and Wednesday general fellowship. The students co-exist peacefully with one another.

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